Eight fun facts about welding that you never knew


Being a welder is a pretty serious occupation but it doesn’t have to be. While professional welding firms like WIA are a gold mine of information on how to tackle the job and how to making welding your career of choice, there is also a fun side less well-known in the community, or even among professionals. Here are just a few fun facts.

Old as the hills

The origins of welding can be traced back to the Bronze Age. The earliest example of a welded piece is a small gold circular box dating back more than 2,000 years. Its joints have been overlapped and pressure welded together.

Blacksmiths were early welders

Blacksmiths in the Middle Ages were a very early form of dedicated welders. They made weapons and farm equipment by forging pieces of iron by first heating them and then forging them together by hammering. Continue reading »

Life Lately

life lately: july 2014

Is all about looking out of my flat’s window, drooling at pretty books, visiting bookstores, reading, and playing GoFish with the offspring.

When it’s sunny, it’s hot and humid but I get to see some marvelous sun rays from the afternoon sun.

When it’s rainy, stormy and we’re stuck indoors with no electricity, reading and playing card games is pretty much what we can do. Or take long naps. It’s funny how I love napping now that I’m an adult but loathe it when I was a wee bit lass. Offspring is not appreciating the idea of napping but when it’s time to doze off for a bit, she would say she’s not sleepy yet she’s fast asleep in just five minutes.

I should have a lot of time in my hand but time seems to escape me. July has ended but where was I when it happened?

The shop fitout challenges of working in a tight retail space

Whether you’re hoping to renovate, or are leasing a new space, fitting out your store can be incredibly challenging especially if you are unsure of how to best utilize the area. Before you start, it’s important to explore your options, and examine what may lay ahead and how it will affect your business. Read on to find how what you should consider when planning a fitout.

design layout

image via freedigitalphotos.net

Choose an effective layout

When your space is limited, choosing the floor layout is going to be a vital decision to help you ensure you get the most out of the space you are working with. What design will suit your needs best and give yourself and your customers the most room to work? Straight, diagonal, angular and geometric are some of the most standard choices. Explore their pros and cons for your scenario, and evaluate what will give you the best options for your store. If you’re stuck for ideas or need a little advice, check out what specialty renovators http://www.tuprojects.com/ have done for their commercial clients with tight spaces.

Maximize your space

In a tight retail space, maximizing the area you have to work with is crucial. Once you’ve selected your layout, you will need to start thinking about ways to explore all the unseen potential within your store. Simple solutions like display tables with built in storage underneath can save large amounts of room and reduce the need for back of house storage areas. Evaluate the shelves within your store by exploring how high, wide and deep they have to be to hold the largest amount of stock.

Avoid over crowding

There’s a fine line between using all of your space effectively and over crowding your store. Customers don’t want to enter a store and feel like they’re walking through a storage container, therefore finding a balance is paramount. Those extra storage spaces unseen by the customer can really enhance the use of the space and reduce the risk of over crowding. Ensure you customers will have room to walk comfortably through the store; they should be able to turn, browse and move freely without feeling suffocated and restricted.

Choose the right shapes and sizes

The wrong sized furniture and display units can contribute to making a store feel boxed in. Ensure you pick furniture and displays that are conducive to the shape and flow of your space. If you’ve opted for a straight or diagonal layout ensure your furniture fits with this style. If you’re not feeling confident when decorating your shop, it pays to talk to a professional stylist; they will incorporate your brand and ambient desires to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

You might be tight on space but your creativity and ideas should never be limited. Take every opportunity to explore all of your options. Don’t be afraid to trial different designs and layouts until you find what is going to work right for you and your store.

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