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Today’s outfit inspiration:

Technically, this is supposed to be an outfit inspiration for yesterday but I was busy setting up my new blog. Forgive this lass, will you? And in case you haven’t noticed yet, yep, this is the new blog so “Hi!” for those first time visiting here.

I will post my actual outfit later. Note: Not exactly as that.

I wore a lighter shade of gray for the tee and almost the same for the cutoffs but the shoes are exactly as that. I’m a child at heart (explains the Dr. Seuss print) and I love my Chuck Taylor. Turns out, I also have a child sized feet. I wore kids size 3 for sneaker. *ehem* *ehem*

Notice the lack of accessories? I am working on that honestly. If you could consider commitment rings as an accessory though then that’s the best I could give you for now. Soon, I promise.

A little trivia for you. My nephew and I have the same shoe style. He’s 5 years old. ;P

What inspired your outfit today?

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2 Responses to outfit inspiration – casual wear

  1. I love your style…very cozy, casual yet stylish…in other words pasok sa banga hehehhehe….


    Brown Pinay
    My Point of View

  2. That’s cute and comfy ensemble. More fashion post please. Hihi.
    Btw, visiting you here to inform you that I already added you in my link list. Hope you add me to yours too. Thanks!

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