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5 ways to boost your confidence before a job interview

Earlier this year I got made redundant from my job. I know it wasn’t my fault and there’s nothing I could have done, but I still felt like a failure. My confidence levels were at an all-time low and it showed. For every interview I went to over the next five months, every one of them would say that the credentials were there, but my lack of confidence was something they couldn’t ignore. With each not this time my self-esteem took another hit and lead to countless days sitting on the couch having my own pity party… not applying for jobs.

Eventually I ran out of savings, was unable to pay the rent and relied on my (very sick at the time) boyfriend to foot the all the household bills on a single sickness pension. Things needed to change. I needed to find ways to boost my confidence before a job interview but I wasn’t sure how to do it. I enlisted the help of a business consultant and what she said was surprising. It wasn’t knowing the ins and out of the company you were interviewing with, it was all about finding ways to alter your behavioural patterns and develop a positive attitude. Needless to say, I didn’t have anything to lose so I adopted her quick methods and by the month’s end, I secured a position at the place I work for now. Yay! So what were these tips?

job interview

Play Your Jam

You don’t need a scientist to tell you that music is good for your soul and while it might sound a bit silly, listening to a song that’s positive right before an interview makes you feel invincible. It’s a common fact that on the drive to an interview, a lot of thoughts are running through your head like what are they going to ask me? Have I prepared enough? Am I going to find a park and make it there in time? Does this skirt make me look bloated?! All of these thoughts can turn you into a nervous, sweaty mess before you’ve even walked into the building. By playing upbeat music, you block out those fears and find yourself relaxing to the point where you can say I’ve got this!

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The 3 Different Types of Bachelorette Parties

The Bachelorette party. Before you click away and shake your head in mock disgust, convincing yourself you’d never succumb to talking a strange man out of his underwear or indulging in a dirty treasure hunt, give the social stand-by a chance and review out list of alternatives; though you might find a few naughty looking finger foods, and Bride To Be sashes scattered throughout, not every party needs a cache of treasures from Naughty but Nice – if you’re not that kind of girl, we get it! Don’t let fun and frivolity take a back seat; single life isn’t to be mourned or forgotten, but celebrated. Get dressed, get organised and let your girlfriends take you on a ride down memory lane. You can always forget it after with a round of tequila shots.

Fun & Light-Hearted

If you’re not a party girl, skip this section. The traditional Hen’s Night or Bachelorette parties is marked by a surplus of gaudy tiaras, ridiculously high shoes, short dresses, copious cocktails and loud, giggling women. Before descending on the town, ready to score major points in the Bride-to-Be scavenger hunt, play a few high school games (Truth, Dare or Body Shots) and take a walk down ex-boyfriend esplanade, talking about the past, sharing the last drops of your youth and devouring a naughty shaped cake will definitely get you in the mood for a big night out.

bachelorette parties

The Champagne Lifestyle

Not everybody wants the bright lights of the Friday night club round to punctuate their salute to singledom. Say goodbye to plastic crowns and hello to being treated like the Queen you are, jewels optional. You’re probably feeling the pressure of the perfect wedding by now; your head may be aching, your fingers itching and your nerves strung out, along a fault line of demands. Take time out for an opulent spa session, re-gaining that post-engagement glow with a mud-wrap, a facial, a massage or just chilling with the girls in a mineral plunge pool. Afterward, enjoy a champagne dinner overlooking a pretty place, unwound by the chatter of your best friends.

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How to De-stress on Stress Drilon Days

Don’t you just hate it when things go bad and there’s nothing you can do about it?

027 / 365 - Stress Drilon!

It’s what happened to me earlier today. My other blogs were infected with a malware (not my fault, by the way) and I can’t seem to find where the heck it is. And I’m also working on two deadlines. So yes, I’m stressed and it’s also that time of the month where I get PMS and get extra cranky, particularly at my husband (because he can handle my b*tchiness). But I’m not a total jerk and most often than not, I just stay away from people so they won’t be on the receiving end of my other self haha.

This is how I de-stress or relieve stress whenever I feel that the world is being an ars* to me.

Listening to powerful (sometimes uplifting) songs. Music is one of the most important thing to me, even if I don’t get to enjoy it now as much as I used to. Whenever I feel like the world hates me, I always birit like one of those contestants in The Voice. I love singing to Adele. Oh yeah, I scream all my frustrations thru her song and if you know me, you’d rather not be around because as much as I love singing, singing doesn’t share that same passion to me. I’m a horrible singer and that alone is enough to relieve my stress LOL.

Taking a long relaxing bath (while singing, of course!) Oh, this is probably my favourite way to relieve stress. I’m obsessed with bath products and my father recently bought me a set of Soap & Glory bath set from his trip to Singapore, oh my, it’s glorious! It smells so good and I feel like a shining goddess after I’m done scrubbing myself.

Power walking. The athletic types like to jog when they are troubled. I like to power walk. I do this when I was in college. I don’t need a decent running shoes to power walk. If everything’s just too much for me to handle, I get up, put on my slippers and walk. It also doesn’t hurt to power walk inside the mall. Window shopping is also a great way to relieve stress!

you can't buy happiness relieve stress

Shopping! Oh yes, how I love this stress reliever. BUT it’s so darn hard on my budget. Usually, I would just buy groceries or books so I won’t feel guilty about spending money. And hey, hitting two birds in one stone. I am productive that way lol.

I also read a lot of fluff but that really depends on my mood. Okay, guilty pleasure, I love reading 50 Shades because I love to pick on Anna and her lame self hahaha! I know, I’m being maldita.

How do you relieve stress? I know some of us ladies can get crazy when we’re stressed out. I’d love to hear your stories. Just want to know na hindi ako nag-iisang lukaret sa mundo hahaha!

* Stress Drilon image swiped from Wedgienet’s Flickr page. Click the image for the link.

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