Kotex Fresh Plus Liners Review

Kotex Fresh Plus Liners is one of my new shopping finds.

kotex fresh liner

For those who don’t have any idea what a pantyliner (also known as pantiliner or panty shield) is, it’s an absorbent material, usually made out of cotton and is used for feminine hygiene, particularly for daily discharge and light menstrual flow.

I was in the grocery earlier when I saw this product and decided to try it instead of using my usual liner.

Price: A pack of 20 liners is Php42.50 in Shopwise Libis. It’s a bit expensive than the other brands in the market but I guess it’s because of the Bacteria Control label in the packaging.  Almost anything that is labeled with anti-bacteria quality in it is usually more expensive.

Packaging is cute and feminine though I would prefer it if it’s made of biodegradable or recycled product since it’s just an outside pack.  This is made of plastic.

kotex pantylinerThe back says “Ultra V-Care is tested to successfully inhibit the growth of yeast and some bad bacteria, thus helping to provide protection during use.*” And there is a tiny note in the bottom that says *Not clinically proven to prevent infection.

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Each pantyliner is individually packed in plastic. The paper strip that holds the adhesive side of the liner is glued to the plastic which I find inconvenient because I always keep the individual pack for later disposal of the liner.

Usability: Absorbency is great and is perfect for everyday use or with light discharge. It stays in place and doesn’t crease. I don’t smell anything on the liner so it’s a plus point for me. I am yet to use this for post-menstrual days so we’ll see how it goes by then.

Have you tried Kotex Fresh Plus Liners? What do you think about it?

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