Make a statement with knitwear

Knitwear is the perfect option for winter. Soft and cosy, it makes the perfect item to wear as an extra layer in the cold weather, and is super stylish too. Knitwear certainly has increased in popularity in recent years. And why?

“These chilly days need a little luxurious knitwear to cheer us all up!” says Winser London founder, Kim Winser.

Warm up with wool

knitwearChoosing wool for your warm clothes or winter coat can keep you cosy without making you appear too bulky. This cashmere blend cardigan is a great option as an extra layer this winter. Easy to wear, this style is perfect for all ages and generations.

The choice of top quality wool will allow you to keep snug in the freezing weather, and still look fashionably chic.

So relax this winter, and stay away from the icy weather with some beautiful woolen garments! Continue reading »

5 Areas in Your Office That are Making You Sick

Have you had a niggling throat tickle that just won’t budge? Maybe a scratch that just does not go away? It could be your office that’s making you sick. If you think about it, you spend more time in your office than you do anywhere else. Your co-workers probably don’t have the same hygiene expectations as you and it may be that your office is making you sick.

In all reality, it probably isn’t your responsibility to clean up after your co-workers and nor should you! There are times however when your office is going to need a good clean out (and ongoing cleaning). You could do it yourself or you could call in corporate cleaning experts like AMC Cleaning to do all the dirty work for you. A professional clean will give you a clean, healthy office environment.

office environment

So what areas in your office might be making you sick?

Office Reception

Like an eye is to the body, the reception desk is to the office. It picks up everything. The sweaty bike courier. The boss’s kids. The tradesmen fixing the broken lights. They all come through reception, touching the door handles, the pens, the water cooler. Think about how many people pass through reception day in, day out, all the germs they bring through those front doors. Could your reception be making you sick? Continue reading »

Three Ways To Recreate Your Little Black Dress

There are few items that are absolute must-haves in a woman’s closet than a little black dress! Little black dresses or LBD are undying in the fashion-sphere, and they are perfect for an evening dress or a cocktail.

The little black dress first made their appearance in the early 1920s; designed by the renowned Coco Chanel and Jean Patou. Formed to be elegant and yet affordable, the LBD was considered to be a neutrally versatile outfit to wear. Styles can transform overnight, yet, the necessity for a little black dress never fails to remain. The LBD is identified as a wardrobe-staple; honey and beau dresses, minis, or knee-high – the LBD is completely interchangeable and modern woman can’t live without one, or 10.

To learn how, here are some suggestions:

crepe black tunic dress

See U Soon Black Crepe Tunic Dress

Tunic Style: A simple yet stylish fashion, the Tunic LBD feels luxurious. It is irrefutably fashionable again and is beautifully paired with gold and silver accessories; creating versatile looks. The little black dress in the tunic gives a woman the ability to boast her feminine beauty and allows her to be the envy at any event. The stylish look of the tunic LBD is both practical and fashionable and comfortable to wear.

black peplum dress

Pink Ruby Splurge Peplum Dress

LBD Splurge by Pink Ruby: The Pink Ruby Splurge — Black Peplum Dress is a lovely little black dress. This chic and modern take on the LBD offers a stunning complement to a woman’s shape. The Splurge comes with a built-in bodice, and a skirt with frill detailing that expands vertically and flutes-out flawlessly. For the most adorable LBD, the Splurge Black Peplum Dress by Pink Ruby Collection is both stylish and chic. Continue reading »

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