Triathlon Training: The Ultimate Fitness Challenge

If you’re looking to boost your fitness to the next level and beyond, you simply can’t go past the triathlon. It really is the ultimate fitness challenge. Marathons, cycling and swimming alone are all fantastic – true. But, with the triathlon, you put yourself to the test by working your body in three distinct ways, each of which will work out different muscles to varying degrees.

The hard thing about a triathlon is that you can’t just excel in one of the three elements – you have to be confident in all of them. Plus, you have to train your body to transition as smoothly as possible from one component to the other. This can take quite a lot of practice; after swimming for a long time, your limbs will at first struggle to adjust to the different motions of cycling and – later – running.

triathlon training

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The Swim

As easy as it is to do your swimming training in the pool, for most triathlons, the swimming leg is going to be in the ocean. Therefore, you really need to test yourself against the waves and currents. Think of it this way: you wouldn’t prepare for a calculus exam by practicing basic addition.

It’s also very helpful if you have friends or other triathlon trainees to practice with. There is no simulation or substitution that will show you what it’s like to swim amongst (and against) several other bodies, so it’s a great idea to get some experience of this before your first real race.

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Is It Just A Mole? Telltale Signs of Melanoma

Have you recently discovered a new mole that looks a little worrying? Or have you noticed some changes in a spot that seems like it’s always been there? You may be at risk from contracting a form of skin cancer by means of malicious moles known as melanomas. Read on to find out more about melanomas before making an appointment with your specialising practitioner.

Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford and her trademark mole

What are moles?

Moles are a result of exposure to the sun; they manifest as an overgrowth of pigments cells in the skin (melanocytes). A person’s genetics can also add to their likelihood of developing moles. The average mole is completely normal and, while they should be regularly checked, they are often of no cause for alarm. Brown and even in colour, a mole is round and flush against the skin or raised and soft to touch.

How do moles become melanomas?

Dysplastic moles are moles that have changed in some way which is linked closer to a melanoma. While there is no need to remove a dysplastic mole, they should be monitored along with the rest of the skin for changes and irregularities. Should you notice the development of a dysplastic mole, you should consult your dermatologist or specialised practitioner for diagnosis or testing.

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The wonderful thing about social media is that you get to see a glimpse of what is going on in someone’s head at a certain period of time. I love observing people and it’s no wonder that I started observing them too based on what they post online. A lot of people often neglected self-love and they focus on the negative things in their lives and it is reflected on what they share and post in social networks. I tend to steer clear of those individuals because whenever I see their grievances in life, all the time, that negativity becomes a part of me.

I feel bad for them then feel guilty that I am living a good life, even better than what they are going through and that’s not how you suppose to live your life. I don’t want to feel guilty because I’m happy.

Being happy about yourself and your life is your responsibility. You make your choices and you stand up to those choices. Voicing out those negative thoughts so that someone will feel bad for you is not healthy. Because it looks like you’re waiting for someone else to save you and make you happy. And you shouldn’t be looking for someone else to achieve happiness. Loving yourself and understanding what you are will make you happy.

And of course, sometimes you just need the right person to slap you in the face as a wake up call. Then let me be that person. :)


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